Monday, April 29, 2013

Friends And Animals

 Week Two, Day One of Steve being gone, and we decided to distract ourselves with a fun trip to the zoo! Whitney has a pass that allowed the girls and I to tag along, and we were so grateful! Bella and David got to run crazy with the wild animals, Charli got to stalk Bella, and Whit and I got to actually talk. It was a great day!

Checking out the map and the flamingos. These two are a pair! David helps Bella keep things real and not take herself too seriously - I love the affect he has on her!

This is how David and Bella spent their time at the zoo...running!

Playing with the giraffe statue...

Hanging with Willie B., the gorilla.

Me and Bells and "Willie B." She actually stood still long enough to snap a picture!

I love this kid! He's smart, charming, and creative - Whitney and I already planning his wedding to Evelyn! (Let's be honest, David and Bella would kill each other.)

Charli and Evelyn at the panda exhibit

Getting her "stand" on!

Charli has a slight obsession with Bella...but she was not as thrilled to have Evelyn touch her stroller during their photo op!

Pondering the elephants.

Just checking in with the Squirt.

How cute is this?! Whitney had them hold hands in the parking lot to be safe! Love it! The kids did great, the weather was cooler, and Evelyn survived without a morning nap! Thanks, Whitney!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bella's Stuffed Animal Parade

On Friday, Bella's preschool had a circus and stuffed animal parade. The "circus" was actually the 4-year old classes in costumes - there were lions, ringmasters, strong men, and tight rope walkers. They all looked so cute! Bella's class and the other 3-year old classes walked in a parade with their favorite stuffed animals. Then they all performed a "Speckled Frog" poem with motions! 

Bella's not really a "motions" kind of girl. She always looks really interested in what everyone else is doing, but it's like she forgets that she's supposed to be doing the motions, too. I blame her anti-establishment father for her lack of involvement.

It was also Evelyn's birthday! Woo hoo! Steve and I forgot all about it until we showed up and talked to Cathy, who was at the birth. She commented on it being Evelyn's big day, and we were like, "Oh yeah!" (We're awful parents.)

"My parents forgot it was my birthday today, but I'm still super-cute! I'm totally rocking this adorable headband from Auntie Mel!"

Cathy was about the third person to see Evelyn outside of the womb, so at least someone who was there remembered!

My shnoodle, squirt, baby girl, snuggler, and sassy pants!

She's in a wee bit of a "Mama-crazy" stage, so she tends to lunge at me when she's being held by other people.

Bella and her baby giraffe, walking with Miss Cheryl at the front of the parade! When I asked her why her arm was over her ear, she said because it was "too loud". Freak.

Finally enjoying herself! I swear she's happy; I think she's just trying to spot Steve and I in the crowd.

You have two options:
A. Do all of the cute hand motions for "Speckled Frog" with your classmates, or
B. Lift up your dress and scratch your butt.

We were so proud of her and her good attitude!

Bella's Birthday Date

Before April is officially over, I really need to catch up on some blogging! I don't have all of our pictures from the girls' party yet, but I'll try to update on everything else.

I have a huge mom confession...I completely forgot that it was Evelyn's birthday on Friday. Seriously! I forgot my child's birthday! How is that possible?!?! We made such a big "to do" over her party on Saturday that when the actual day came around, I completely forgot. As a middle child, I always promised myself that I wouldn't let the special things fall by the wayside with the second child, but let's face it, sometimes it happens. I didn't even write her birthday letter on the blog, but I promise it's coming!

Deep breath to release the mom-guilt....

Here are some pictures of Bella's special dinner date with Mama and Daddy on her birthday a week and a half ago. It was on a Wednesday, so most of the day was very normal, but Steve and I wanted to make sure we took her somewhere with the just the two of us. Since we had to fit it in before Bible study, we decided to take her to dinner at Chick-fil-A. It went great! She was very sweet and we enjoyed getting one-on-one time with her!

Pictures from our fun...


Evelyn's Birthday Letter

My precious baby girl,

             You are a year old! You have been such an absolute joy this past year; your Daddy and I have loved every moment of it. When you were first born, everyone said you looked even more like Daddy than Bella does. But now that you're getting bigger, you're starting to look more and more like me; and I love that!
             You love food! You love french fries (it's a requirement in this family), strawberries, carrots, and chocolate! For some reason, you hate bananas. I'm not sure why, but you do. Your Daddy doesn't like weird textures in food either, so maybe you got it from him.
             My sweet little squirt, you are a dancing fool! Anytime we're singing in the house or playing music, you start bobbing your head and bouncing up and down! I love that about you. You may end up being a little singer just like Bella, but for now, you like to move your body!
            You are strangely quiet when you're happy; you're not a big laugher or giggler - you like to coo and "talk" to us, but we have to work really hard to earn your little giggles. When we finally get you in a silly mood, though, the sound of your laugh is incredible!
            When Bella turned one and we all sang "Happy Birthday" to her, she screamed her head off. At your birthday, you just stared at us with your big, brown eyes. That's how you are; you look around and watch us and seem to process everything that's going on. You are our thinker.
             We love you so much! We are so thankful to have you in our family and you have brought us so much happiness. We promise to be patient (most of them time!) as you enter this new stage of becoming more independent and more willful. We can't wait to see what the next few months brings for you as you learn to walk and talk! You are my snuggler, my buddy, and my baby. I love you so very much.


Your Mama

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Steve's First Business Trip

We survived our first week! Steve spent Monday through Friday down in South Florida, and it wasn't as bad as we thought it'd be. Of course, we still have another week to go, so I may be saying something very different on Friday.

The girls had cranky moment and Evelyn was sick, but we were able to Skype every night and Mel was here to help out, too. Being able to talk on the phone and see each other through Facetime or Skype made a huge difference in our time apart!

On Tuesday afternoon, I called Steve and said, "Okay, that was fun! We proved we are awesome and can handle a night apart. Now come home." I wish it were that easy!

On Wednesday, Daddy sent us flowers! Such a sweet surprise to remind us that he's thinking of us!

Bella wanted me to take a picture of her with the flowers.

Two teddy bears arrived with the flowers - a yellow one for Evelyn and a brown one for Bella. Bella's bear was a special guest during naptime!

We are so thankful to have him home with us for a few days before he goes back to Florida!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Papa And Mimi Came To Play!

A photo montage of our week with Mom and very random order!

Playing with the lid from Bella's ice cream sundae.

While we gardened on Sunday afternoon, this is what Steve and the girls did!

Whee! Evelyn loves swinging!

Mel bought a new car! Such a wonderful answer to prayer!

Tickle fights and cuddles with Mimi.

Opening birthday presents from Papa, Mimi, and Rachel...

Red cowboy boots! Just like Jesse from Toy Story!!!

Opening her "1st Birthday" card.

Piggy back rides with Papa

While mom and I finished gardening on Monday, Bella watched a movie on the couch. When we went to check on her, she had fallen asleep! So cute!

Our new flower bed! I've been waiting for mom's expertise for about a year now, and we finally had the time to do it! 

A rose bush by our front door! I'm so excited!

Playing with Mimi in the backseat.

Climbing the cherry tree in the front yard.

Kisses for Mama!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Legacy Of The "Pee-Man-O"

When my mom and dad drove up a few days ago (more on that later...), they brought their piano! It's being handed down to Mel, but since she doesn't have room for it right now, the piano is going to live with us. I'm so excited! Bella loves it, and having it in our living room brings back so many memories!

My Grandpa Meyer bought the piano in the 1960's, and we have a picture of him sitting in a U-Haul, playing the piano just like this.

 Enjoying it's new spot in our living room, all dressed up for Bella and Evelyn's birthday party!

Mel took a picture of Bella and I dangling our feet while we played "Heart and Soul".

Sitting with both of the girls before their party. (I only know about four songs, but it's fun to play with them!)

Evelyn is getting so big, and she loves the sound the piano makes!

Papa and Bella, playing together. I can't wait to make some new memories and let Bella learn to play!