Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Henry Turned Four Months (Like, A Month Ago!)

So, it turns out that all of those things that people tell you about having a third kid are true...mostly how they suck even more of your time than you already thought you DIDN'T have!
Henry turned four months old at the end of February! Since I don't remember everything I'm sure I was supposed to write down about his milestones this month, I'll just show you a bunch of pictures.
P.S. The general consensus is still that he's pretty much perfect...

At his check-up...he's over 15 lbs!
Helping Daddy with his work!
He really is this happy of a baby!
This picture makes me giggle because his butt got tucked into the seat, so his head looks even more humungous!


Love how much of "buddies" these two are! Well, at least on Evelyn's end...



I'm Now A Mature 32!

(Okay, so a quick melodramatic moment...on my 30th birthday, I miscarried the first time, and on my 31st birthday, I was in the middle of my first trimester with Henry and was so sick!)
All that to say, I was super-excited about celebrating my birthday this year! I love celebrating with my different groups, so we had a family celebration, a date night, and a girl's night out! My actual birthday was on a Tuesday, so we took the girls to a great new Mexican restaurant that we discovered when we moved! After the restaurant, we came home for cake and presents!

Love Bella's face in this one!
Poor Henry!

The following weekend, Steve and I got a night away for the first time since Henry was born. It was hard to leave him, but honestly, I did better than I thought! We went to a hotel off of the Square, and became shut-ins for about 18 hours. It was glorious! We had room service, I got to take an incredibly long shower where no one bothered me for about 30 straight minutes, we went to sleep at 11:00 PM, and I didn't have to move until 7:00 AM the next morning. Sleep, beautiful sleep!
The next morning, we got to wake up slowly and have an amazing breakfast before heading home. One night was my limit to be away from Henry, and it was all I needed to feel refreshed and have some great alone time with Steve.
That Saturday night was our girls' night! I have always wanted to do karaoke, but I've never had a chance (or the guts!), so Mel dragged a group of us to a "family-friendly" karaoke place. It was so much fun! Mel, our friend, Andi, and I sang Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats" and then Mel and I sang "Killing Me Softly". We laughed a lot, and vowed to return! :)
The weekend was a great success, and I was more than sufficiently spoiled! My parents and Steve's parents sent me birthday money for some Summer clothes, Mel got me a new spring-form pan for cheesecakes and some other kitchen goodies, Whitney got me a new book, Andi got me a 'Dia de los Muertos' vase, and Steve got me a gift certificate for a facial! I felt very loved and doted on!

Snow Days!

I think two months is a new record for how much time has passed between my blog posts. It snowed the first week in March (I's been so long and brain is fried), so Steve took the girls outside to play!
Bella had been wanting snow so badly, and she was ecstatic that it finally came! Steve and I had been warning her throughout the month of February that she probably wasn't going to get any snow this year, so she was equally tickled pink that we were proven wrong.

Being taught by Daddy how to make the perfect snowball.
I have no idea what they're doing here, but it looks like a Native American ritual.

Bella kept running up to the window, and throwing snowballs at my "face" as hard as she could. I think she has some issues.