Sunday, May 4, 2008


This blog is clearly all or nothing for me. You'll just have to pretend that I did all of these posts on different days. I was feeling all nostalgic since our 3 year anniversary is coming up (we're veterans now) and thought I'd post some of these pictures from our honeymoon.

The first one is of Steve at a place called the Glass Window - you can look over a bridge and see the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean joining in one swirl. The second picture is my first meal as a newlywed. Last, is the view from our back door; there was literally nothing but ocean, it was gorgeous!

Woodstock Middle School

I wanted to attach a link in case anybody wants to check out the school, etc.

Wahoo! Jesus is good!

It was a crazy week, but I have a job!!! I had two interviews and was offered BOTH positions! That was an amazing "God thing" in itself, because Steve and I had really been praying for options. The position I accepted for next year is an 8th grade Language Arts position at Woodstock Middle School in Cherokee County. They get off an hour earlier than the school I am currently at; plus, they get one week off in September and one week off in February...these are VERY important facts to a teacher. I really think that God just worked in amazing ways. I hadn't even applied to this school or to the county, until the principal offered me the position and I had to rush my paperwork through.

I'm giving a SHOUT OUT to our awesome peeps, Melissa and Kevin! Kevin, you're in my top 20 and Melissa, girl, you don't even have to ask. Love you guys! Thanks for praying; you're the best!