Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My "Mommy" Tribute

Mother's Day makes me think of, not only my three little humans here with me, but also the two babies we lost. And really, it makes me think of all the women who I look up to in my walk as a mother. My own Mume, my mother-in-law, my sisters-in-law, and the friends and makeshift family who have come alongside me and taught me what it means to be a mother.
I could write pages about how thankful I am for my mom, and for Steve's. About the way they raised us, how they shaped our families growing up and the family we're building today. The way that both of them have come alongside me, each in their own way, to encourage me, guide me, challenge me, and provide an incredible example of what it means to be a mom.
And to those women, some my age and some older; some of them so similar to my own personality, but most of them vastly different. Those friends, adopted mothers, soul sisters, and counselors who have patiently listened to my joys, my sorrows, my angry vents, my teary-eyed moments of frustration, my doubts, my insecurities, and my triumphs. They have listened and answered, offered their advice and wisdom, their own hilarious stories of triumphs or utter failures, so I would know I wasn't alone. These women have made motherhood the most precious experience. I would be lost as a mother without them.
Having Bella placed in my arms was an experience like none other.
One of our favorite stories to tell Evelyn about her birth is how Daddy caught her, because the midwife wasn't standing close enough.
We don't have a picture of Baby #3, because we miscarried at 6 weeks. It's weird and incredible and mind-blowing to think we'll meet this little baby in Heaven one day.
Steve and I were unsure at first if we wanted to hold Lily, and I'll never regret that we got to meet her. It was heart-wrenching, but getting to hold her made her so much more real to us. It was a very precious moment that I know Steve and I will both hold on to for the rest of our lives.

And what a beautiful moment of redemption this little man was! I didn't know how much I needed the healing he brought me until he was in my arms. My mommy heart wanted a boy so desperately, and I'm so very thankful that, in this instance, God gave me the desire of my heart.

Mother's Day Was Fabulous!

I love eating out, but I hate navigating busy restaurants and waiting forever, just because you want to eat out on a holiday. (This is when you need the hashtag #firstworldproblems.)
This year for Mother's Day, I just wanted us all to be together. And I was really hoping to be able to enjoy the outdoors. The day turned out just like I'd hoped!
We started out with pictures before church.
(These are all taken with Instagram filters, because I like looking pretty on Mother's Day.)
After church, we grabbed a bunch of picnic food from Publix, and headed downtown, to Piedmont Park. It was warm, but beautiful! We sat and relaxed, watched a amateur rugby match, and ran around in the grass.

It was a great day, and I love being a Mama to these three!

Henry's 6 Month Pictures

How has it been half a year?!? This little man is such a joy to us! He's mild mannered and so much fun. He loves to just sit on my lap, or play with Bella and Evelyn. At six months old, he doesn't have any teeth yet, and he's just starting to scoot around when he's wiggling on the floor.
P.S. There's a "boobie" picture in this post...I warned you...
Learning to sleep, even when he flips over onto his tummy. It took him awhile not to wake up and cry every time he rolled over.

Starting to eat little snacks. Such a "Steve" thing that makes me laugh...Henry loves Cheerios, but won't eat the generic brand from Aldi. No clue how he knows, but he's all about the name brand!

He is still eating every two hours. I'm sure it's my own fault for letting him, but Every. Two. Hours. I sent this picture to Steve with the caption, "It feels like he's been here all day!"
I love nursing, especially since we think this is our last baby, but real life is real life, and sometimes, I just want my body back.

Our little, official six month picture. So far, I've done a pretty decent job of sticking with this! A little proud of myself! And yes, he really is this happy...all the time!

Henry is such a snuggler. Even at night, he's still waking up every two hours to nurse, and usually falls asleep next to me. I know I'm probably teaching him bad sleep habits, but I love having him next to me.

Evelyn's Birthday Party

Evelyn asked for a "Belle" party, and it was so much fun! After the crazy, total chaos that was Bella's unicorn party (TWELVE six-year olds!), we were looking forward to a much more low-key party. Welcome to being the middle child, kid.
Evelyn's birthday fell on a school day, so we got to bring in popsicles for her classmates.

Daddy went into work late, so that he could be there, too!

Making her princess cake was a definite learning experience! Making their cakes each year is one of my favorite things to do. I'm fine if there comes a time when I decide to order one, but it's been fun so far.

Modeling her new jewelry from Mommy and Daddy

The finished Bella cake! Let's just say, there is a LOT of icing, covering all of the imperfections!

Bella made a birthday sign for Evelyn to enjoy, and to welcome our guests!

Blowing out her candle in her ice cream! For her family birthday dinner, Evelyn requested pizza, pickles, and ice cream cones!

I just love her face here!

Playing with her friends
Blowing out her candles with her friends!
It was a really fun event, and it was fun to spoil Evelyn and give her a special day after she had seen so much "hoopla" around Bella's birthday!
Happy 3rd Birthday, Sweetie Pie!


Coming Back Online

It has been a great Summer!
If I had thought ahead, I would have intentionally taken the summer off from blogging instead of feeling guilty about it for these last 3 months. But, let's just say I did it on purpose, and now I'm ready to catch up on the blog. It really has been an awesome summer for us - I'm calling it the Summer of Adventure! We've traveled all over, spent time with family, bought fish, killed fish, moved Mel in, gone to the library, bickered with sisters, painted, and watched movies!
I'll do my best to catch us up in order...Mother's Day, Father's Day, Henry's updates, and all that jazz.
Here are some random pictures from our Summer. Oh, and I haven't figured out how to arrange them in a collage, so this is a wicked long post!
Waiting for the doctor during our yearly check-up...these are their "kissing faces". (YES!!!)

Playing Mommy with dolls

Figuring out that they fit inside of the washer and dryer!

Barely surviving the slide at the playground

Thug life is hard.

Bella's Spring picture...yep, solid proof that we have a legit Drama Queen.

Sick and snuggly...

Baking with Daddy while Bella's at a playdate

Love her abandon!

Fun with Papa and Mimi on the carousel!

Super pumped about his Cheerios!

Picking flowers on our roadtrip

Losing her first top tooth!

The tooth fairy upped her ante and gave Bella a dollar

I just love this picture because she looks pretty stunning.