Friday, September 4, 2015

"Boston In Pictures"

When Steve and I talked about going to Boston with Eastside this summer, the decision to bring all three little humans along was actually an easy one. We felt that Bella and Evelyn were both at a good age to travel, understand why we were going, and be able to handle the new people. It was such an amazing trip! The girls were rockstars...they were flexible with the crazy schedule, didn't shy away from meeting new people (a huge accomplishment for Bella!), and seemed to understand a little bit of the bigger purpose for why we were there.
Boston was an incredible city! Meeting the people there was a whole different experience than being in Georgia. We loved leading VBS, meeting all of the kids and parents, helping out in the community gardens, and connecting with the local pastors there. This is pretty much our trip in pictures - from our stuff by the door, ready to head out, to the kids playing in the airport "Kids' Zone" as we waited in the Boston airport to fly home. (Warning: There are a TON!)

Whew! One week in about 50 pictures! Steve ran rec and games, and I led worship and taught the 3 and 4-year old's. The girls attended VBS alongside the kids from the Riverdale community. Praise God, it was an awesome trip!