Monday, October 6, 2008

Sprucing Up the House

I should remember to take more pictures, because this blog could be much more interesting.

We had an extremely productive and relaxing weekend! We cleaned out the entire garage, organized the workbench, spackled and painted some of the walls, hung curtains, and replaced all of the knobs and pulleys on the kitchen cabinets!

Steve and I decided to update out kitchen in baby steps, with the major (expensive) makeover being a new countertop. Our first step was changing the old, brass, ugly knobs for new, bronze ones that match out lights. I wasn't sure how much of an impact it would have, but it looks really nice.

We even had time to take the dogs to the dog park on Saturday morning. We've done such a great job lately of keeping them in my study with a baby gate, so they can't be on furniture, etc. We decided to reward them with some play time with other dogs. Our weather is so gorgeous now that it was nice to be out and walking around.

We have been given some baby stuff by a couple in our church. some of it needed to be thrown out, but we got a crib mattress and a car seat that should be nice. We haven't even started thinking about it on our end, but we're holding onto anything we're given. I figure we won't start to do much until we know if it's a boy or girl. I have an appointment on Friday, but I'll only be 14 weeks by then, so it may still be too soon. We'll see...