Monday, October 3, 2016

Ending August With A Bang!

We had a family field trip planned for the last weekend in August to the Children's Museum in downtown Atlanta. I've been excited about this trip for months! We've never been, and it looked like a really cool experience for kids. And then, through the homeschool group that I'm a part of, we found out that the Georgia Aquarium was hosting an Educator's Day, and they were giving free tickets, plus a free guest, to any educators. Because we homeschool, Steve and I are both considered educators, so we both got in free, and got to bring both girls, too! It was a fun weekend!

The Children's Museum was one large room that used dividers to separate different areas. They were very...socially conscious, so there was a big focus on how our food is grown and how it gets to our table. There was a farm and a stream, a grocery store and a diner. Also, a huge Art Wall, where the girls could paint, a piano staircase, like in the movie, Big, a "sensory" station showing emotions and different senses, and still so much more.

On Saturday, we asked Mel if she would keep an eye on Henry in the morning, so that we could enjoy the aquarium with just the girls. That made it so much more fun - the girls can walk around longer, and keep up a faster pace than if we constantly had to put Henry in and out of a stroller, change diapers, or worry about him getting tired and cranky.

The best part about it being Educator's Day was that we got a behind-the-scenes tour of the aquarium and got to see the fish from a completely different angle.

Getting ready for the dolphin show, definitely the highlight of the morning for the girls! 

This might be my new favorite picture. They let the teachers in an hour early, so a lot of the aquarium felt empty. This gave us a chance to roam freely, and gave Bella and Evelyn a very close-up view of a lot of the fish.

It was a busy weekend, but we made some great memories with all of the kids, and they loved having Daddy along for all of it!